Saturn Vue Timing Belt Replacement Cost And Schedule

How much does a timing belt replacement cost?

The cost to replace a timing belt for a Saturn Vue varies between $788 and $1141 based on your model year and whether you get it done at a local mechanic or at the dealership.

Saturn Vue
Model YearsLocal Mechanic Cost (Belt + Tensioner + Idlers + Seals + Water Pump)Dealership Cost
2002 - 2003$802 - $844$1099 - $1141
2004 - 2005$796 - $849$1092 - $1134
2006 - 2007$788 - $840$1087 - $1139

How much does it cost at the dealership?

The average cost at the dealership varies between $1087 and $1141 including parts and labor.

How much does it cost at a local mechanic?

At a local mechanic, the cost would average between $788 and $849 including parts and labor.

How much do the parts cost?

For a Saturn Vue, a timing belt kit should cost between $75 and $197.

How much is the labor?

Labor cost should be between $713 and $774 at a local mechanic and $1012 and $1066 at a dealership.

What is the interval/schedule?

The schedule to change the timing belt on a Saturn Vue is at an interval of 100,000 miles. Saturn Vue cars with the Ecotec and GM high value engines have a timing chain and those don't require a change.