Mazda 3 Headlight Replacement Cost And Instructions

How much does it cost?

The replacement cost for a Mazda 3 headlight bulb is around $15 for the halogen bulb and $40 for the HID bulb and for the headlight assembly it is between $ 110 to $ 680. These costs vary depending on your year model, where you’re located and other things like CAPA certification, SAE compliance, warranty period, quality of materials, finish, and whether the assembly comes with or without bulbs or even a wiring harness. The halogen assembly is generally on the lower end  of the price range while the Xenon assembly is on the higher end.

How much time does it take?

Replacing the bulb shouldn’t take more than 5 to 10 minutes. The assembly could take longer though,  about half an hour.


Model Year Headlight Assembly Cost
 2004 – 2006  $115 – $680
 2007 – 2009  $116 – $250
 2010 – 2013  $112 – $340
 2014 – 2015  $180 – $500

Instructions To Replace The Headlight Bulb For Mazda 3:

1. Pull the lever near the steering column to open the hood
2. Remove the plastic cover and then remove the connector
3. Remove the rubber seal to reveal the metal retainer clip
4. Now release the clip by pushing it in and to the side
5. Now take out the old bulb and insert the new one and fasten the clip by pushing it down and towards the bulb
6. Finally put the seal, connector and plastic cover back and close the hood.


Instructions To Replace The Headlight Assembly For Mazda 3:

1. First remove the plastic clips and metal screws that hold the splash guard to the front bumper. These screws and clips are located at the underside as well as under the wheel arches and at the top. Then, pull back the fender and remove the bolt inside.

2. Now, behind the grille you will find two clips that clip in to the bumper bar. Pull up and out on those and the bumper cover should come out.

3. Remove the ambient temperature sensor from its mounting bracket with a pair of pliers and also disconnect the fog light wire and dummy wires.

4. Remove the three headlight bolts, two on the lower side of the headlight and one at the top. Additionally, there is a clip at the top which has to be removed.

5. Finally, unclip the headlight wires and the assembly should now come free.

6. The main headlight bulb and the right bulb can be changed without removing the assembly but to change the corner bulb, you would probably need to remove the assembly.

7. Now, using a screwdriver remove the screw connecting the headlight and the mounting bracket and pull on the ends to unlock them.

8. Fix the mounting bracket onto the new headlight and connect back the wire harnesses.

9. Put the new headlight in place and screw back the bolts and clips.

10. Finally, reconnect the temperature sensor and dummy wires and put the bumper cover in place with all the clips and screws back in.