Ford Explorer Key Replacement Cost (2013 – 2019)

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Ford Explorer Key?

The cost to replace a Ford Explorer PATS key varies between $50 to $100 on average and this includes the cost of the key as well as the cut and programming. Doing it at a place like Walmart or your local locksmith might be slightly cheaper than doing it at a dealership. Also some dealerships might try and quote you prices in excess of $200,  in which case be sure to look somewhere else.


Ford Explorer

Model year
Key Replacement Cost (includes key+cut+programming)
2013 $50 – $85
2014 $60 – $95
2015 $55 – $90
2016 $55 – $90
2017 $65 – $100
2018 $55 – $100
2019 $60 – $100

How Much Does The Key Cost?

The blank key for the Ford Explorer will cost you around $15 to $35. You can find blank chip keys for your car in this price range on Ebay.


How Much Does The Programming Cost?

The cost to program the blank key for your Ford Explorer will be between  $35 and $65 and it should take them around 10 to 15 minutes to do it.