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Subaru Forester Windshield Replacement Cost (1997 – 2019)

The cost to replace a windshield for a Subaru Forester varies greatly between a local mechanic and a dealer and it is usually around $400 to $500 more expensive at a dealership than at your local mechanic or at Safelite. The replacement cost, in general, is more for Forester cars from 2014 onwards that have the Eyesight safety system as there is an extra cost associated with the recalibration of the cameras used for the Eyesight system. Recalibration is said to be required because there is a possibility that the new glass that is being fitted might not have the same refractive index as that of the one you are replacing and also there is a possibility that the camera might have been nudged while fitting the new glass. Some people do say that they have found Eyesight to work absolutely fine even without re-calibration but it is probably better to get it done unless you are really sure that the new glass being fitted is exactly like your original one or the camera has not been moved out of its original place.

Subaru Forester
Year Local Mechanic / Safelite Cost Dealership Cost
1997 – 2002 $329 – $419 $729 – $819
2003 – 2009 $345 – $457 $737 – $877
2010 – 2013 $327 – $495 $695 – $842
2014 – 2017 $363 – $655 $863 – $1360
2018 – 2019 $375 – $688 $877 – $1340


How much does it cost at the dealership?

The average cost at the dealership varies between $695 and $1360 including parts and labor.


How much does it cost at a local mechanic?

At a local mechanic, the cost would average between $327 and $688 including parts and labor.