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Prius Headlight Replacement Cost And How To

How much does it cost?

The replacement cost for a Toyota Prius headlight bulb varies between $8 to $15 for the halogen bulb and $ 25-$ 30 for the HID bulb and for the headlight assembly it is between $ 110 to $ 460. These costs vary depending on your year model, where you’re located and other things like CAPA certification, SAE compliance, warranty period, quality of materials, finish, and whether the assembly comes with or without bulbs or even a wiring harness.


Model Year Headlight Assembly Cost
 2005  $90 – $450
 2006  $90 – $450
 2007  $90 – $450
 2008  $80 – $460
 2009  $80 – $460
 2010  $130 – $400
 2011  $110 – $380
 2012  $110 – $380
 2013  $110 – $380
 2014  $110 – $380

How To Replace The Headlight Bulb On A Prius:

1. Open the hood, undo the screws and remove the front cover.
2. Remove the plastic piece that has a handle sticking out
3. Remove the domed headlight assembly cover that has a fin like structure by turning it counterclockwise.
4. To remove the headlight, turn the gold colored lead wire counterclockwise and then just pop it out.
5. Undo the wire clip by pushing it towards the front of the car to unlock it and then fold it down to remove the bulb
6. Now put in the new bulb and engage the clip. Finally, fix the lead back on as well as the plastic piece assembly cover and the front cover
How much time does it take?It shouldn’t take more than 10 mins to replace the headlight bulb on a Toyota Prius