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Dodge Ram Dashboard Replacement Cost And Instructions

How much does it cost?

The replacement cost for a Dodge Ram dashboard cover varies between $30 to $60 on average depending on your year model, the dash cover brand, what material is used like fiber foss or velour, color tones and warranty period. A plastic dash cap though will cost about $150. A dash bezel will cost you about  $120 – $180, dash kit is around $10 – $20 whether it’s single din or double din and dash lights are also similarly priced under $15.

Model Year Dashboard Cover cost
 1995 – 1999  $33 – $53
 2000 – 2004  $40 – $55
 2005 – 2009  $30 – $60
 2010 – 2015  $35 – $55

 Instructions To Replace The Dash Cover On A Dodge Ram:

1. First wipe the dashboard down with an ammonia-based cleaning solution and then scrape it with fine sandpaper. Also, if you find any weak or broken pieces of the dash remove those and put them aside.

2. Now, wipe off any dust on the dash cover and if you notice any overflow of paint on the underside sand that off with sandpaper.
3. Apply a silicone adhesive along the edge of the dash cover and around the edge of the holes.
4. Now, fit the dash cover onto the dashboard and push it down. You can also stick some cardboard pieces into the crevices of the windshield to hold the dash down until the glue dries up.